The Cold War

Three hundred years after the defeat of Darths Revan and Malak and their new Sith Empire, the Dark Side again looms over the galaxy, as the original Sith Empire the Republic encountered in the Great Hyperspace War suddenly reappeared and launched a blitz on the Outer Rim, initiating what is now known as the Great Galactic War. After twenty-eight long years of brutal fighting, the Sith Empire assaulted Coruscant itself and held the planet hostage to broker a peace treaty that highly favored the Empire. Nearly half of the galaxy is securely in the hands of the Empire as a result of the Treaty of Coruscant. That was ten years ago, and though peace has reigned, tensions between both superpowers are high.

The Mask of Darth Nihilus

A skirmish on Hoth at an Imperial excavation site has led to an ancient and mysterious relic finding its way into the hands of a motley crew of soldiers, mercenaries, and Jedi. The unorthodox bounty hunter Rogark Thane keeps the mask in his possession, much to the chagrin of Jedi Padawans Kelrae and Dun Sinn. Ruthless mercenary Niramel senses there is profit in the group, while Jondi Ritto serves out of duty to the Republic and a strong hatred of the Sith. They find themselves isolated from the resources of the Republic or the Jedi Order, ordered to learn the secrets of the mask on their own and to trust it to no one but their own group by Kelrae’s mentor, Jedi Knight Gyan Fenuzi. Unfortunately, the Sith apprentice Drace Rethar has been ordered to acquire the mask by Darth Varrol, and killed Dun Sinn’s master Abir on Hoth in his pursuit of the mask. Though Drace does not pursue the group directly for fear of upsetting the delicate political balance of Nar Shaddaa, he has no such qualms about sending mercenaries to do the hunting for him.

Star Wars: Of Masks and Mantles

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