Darth Varrol

"'Power at any cost' is inaccurate. Considering a thing a cost or a consequence is a fetter of the weak."


A singularly ruthless Sith Lord. The crew has encountered him only through vidscreen, and felt his wrath only through the turbolaser batteries of his flagship, Dirge. Even such limited contact was sobering. To Kelrae and Dun, Varrol’s rage felt like a great, black claw reaching out and swiping indiscriminately at the starship queue.

Varrol is Drace Rethar’s Master and instructor in the Sith arts, though the two seem as different as night and day. One has to wonder how long Varrol will be patient with Drace’s less direct approach to reacquiring the mask of Darth Nihilus.

Darth Varrol

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