Gyan Fenuzi

"You're ready for this, my dear Padawan. Now, go have an adventure, before the Order swallows up your youth."


A falleen Jedi Knight, Gyan Fenuzi has not allowed the trappings of being a Jedi diminish her distinct racial attitudes. She scoffs at Jedi who dress like moisture farmers and, like most falleen outside of their space, she is eager to explore and gain new experiences. Being a Jedi, however, has changed her goals for learning. She has expressed that she never intends to return to her home planet to rule over the vast estate that awaits her, but would rather live simply (but certainly comfortably) among the Order’s temples and deepen her understanding of the Force.

Gyan is the mentor to Kelrae, and is considered one of the best lightsaber duelists among those of her rank. Grandmaster Satele Shan herself almost forbade Gyan from teaching Kelrae because she did not think a thrill-seeking person like the falleen would adequately temper the cathar Padawan’s natural aggression. The matter was dropped, however, when Master Oteg, who had trained Gyan after she became a Knight, vouched for the pairing.

Gyan Fenuzi

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