Rijl Fengris

Sith Deserter turned Adroit Explorer


Arkanian Noble 4/Jedi 4

STR 10
DEX 16
INT 16
WIS 14
CHA 12

HP 68
Fortitude 19
Reflex 21
Will 22

Melee – Lightsaber 11, 2d8 +4 energy damage
Ranged – Blaster Pistol +10, 3d6 +4 energy damage (2d6
4 stun)

Skills – Deception 10, Gather Information 10, Initiative 12, Knowledge (Galactic Lore) 12, Knowledge (Life Sciences) 12, Persuade 12, Pilot 12, Treat Injury 11, Use Computer 12, Use the Force 10

Feats – Weapon Proficiency (pistols, lightsabers), Linguist, Force Sensitivity, Force Training x 2, Skill Training: Use the Force, Weapon Finesse

Talents – Presence, Weaken Resolve, Force Focus, Damage Reduction 10

Powers – Battle Strike, Force Grip, Force Slam, Mind Trick, Move Object, Surge

Gear – Lightsaber, Blaster Pistol, All-weather cloak, Medical Kit, Datapad, 5 Medpacs, Long-range comlink


I always fancied myself a sort of accidental tourist; I simply never expected all this dirty work as a travel expense

The sheltered only child of an administrator and a librarian, Rijl was expected to live a quiet, dignified existence on the homeworld and leave war to the warriors. But the lure of other worlds, and a culling whisper from the Force led Rijl to believe the galaxy had a bigger plan for him, and he soon knew he’d never be satisfied at home.

Rijl’s family legacy is as old as Arkania itself; he proudly counts the great Jedi Arca Jeth among his many notorious ancestors. Had he grown up in another era, Rijl himself may have become a great Jedi Knight. As it is, with the xenophobic Sith Empire looming large at the galaxy’s core, this wasn’t readily possible. Not to be undone by the times, Rijl instead courted his way into the Sith in what he saw as traditional Sith means. He used his clearance as a researcher and sliced into dozens of their databanks on Arkania and other worlds, and stole terabytes of classified operations data in order to blackmail them for a job. Sith officials on Arkania, more impressed than intimidated by his attempt, located and arrested him easily. After a personal examination from the governor (which he reluctantly admits could have gone better), Rijl soon found his wish for travel and discovery granted, albeit not quite as he envisioned.

Training on Korriban was long—and difficult, particularly so since much more was expected of him, both as a noble and as an alien. At first, the Sith’s approach to power, governance, and control appealed to Rijl (he still has trouble letting go of all of the Sith ideal, particularly the Code), but over time the pressure to perform and the abuse from his colleagues began to color his opinion. Seeing himself on the other end of prejudice and derision opened Rijl’s eyes to the experience of oppression. Just shy of one year on Korriban, a battle exercise taken too far got the best of Rijl. His anger flowed bright and vicious, and within seconds, he’d killed his entire squad. With only his master remaining, he demanded permission to leave. The dispute drew sabers, and while Rijl critically wounded his instructor, he left him alive, and stole away on a freighter within hours.

Rijl has remained a fugitive from the Empire for three years, hopping from world to world across the arm of Outer Rim, keeping his head to the ground and eyes to the stars as he lets the Force guide and free him on his road to understanding.


Rijl has a quick mind and a sharp tongue, and employs them both as often as a blaster or a lightsaber. His experience on Korriban has softened the usual Arkanian arrogance, though he is still far from pious. Despite his innate sense of superiority, he finds other aliens fascinating and is eager to learn about them. He often romanticizes and even jokes about his foregone situation, insisting he plans to write a holo-novel of his exploits should he live through them.

Rijl Fengris

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