• Darth Varrol

    Darth Varrol

    "'Power at any cost' is inaccurate. Considering a thing a cost or a consequence is a fetter of the weak."
  • Drase Rethar

    Drase Rethar

    A Sith appprentice with a strong sense of honor.
  • Dun Siin

    Dun Siin

    Kel Dor Jedi Duelist who follows a path of his own
  • Gyan Fenuzi

    Gyan Fenuzi

    "You're ready for this, my dear Padawan. Now, go have an adventure, before the Order swallows up your youth."
  • Jondi Ritto

    Jondi Ritto

    Formerly Retired Republic Officer
  • Nemesis


    Terrorist. Criminal. Madman.
  • Rijl Fengris

    Rijl Fengris

    Sith Deserter turned Adroit Explorer
  • The Nightshrike

    The Nightshrike

    Vigilante. Equalizer. Hero.