Drace Rethar

A Sith appprentice to Darth Varrol with a sense of honor.


Drace has demonstrated great skill with a lightsaber, able to rather easily overpower and kill Jedi Knight Abir Sora-min who had been quite well known for his skill in dueling. His command of the Force seems less developed, however, unintentionally affecting things around him if his emotions get the better of him. He also wears a customized suit of black and grey armor capable of withstanding glancing blows from a lightsaber. Beyond these facts, the group knows little of his exact capabilities.


From what the party has seen and heard, Drace is an odd figure among the Sith. He comes from a prominent family and conducts himself with a gentleman’s manners and a dry wit. Rather than simply try to kill the party and take the Mask of Darth Nihilus, he offered to buy it instead, and was very much opposed to Varrol’s orders to attack the starship traffic queue in orbit over Nar Shaddaa. He is almost never seen without the chiss mercenary Myr’shraix Vaul at his side.

Drace Rethar

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