Dun Siin

Kel Dor Jedi Duelist who follows a path of his own


Str: 10
Dex: 18
Con: 10
Int: 14
Wis: 14
Cha: 12
HP: 75 Threshold:19

Fort: 19
Ref: 26
Will: 22


Initiative: 13
Jump: 9
Perception: 11
Use the Force: 10

Weapon: Force Activated Double lightsaber
att: +13 (-5 per hit for full attack) 2d8 +4 per end

Weapon: Double Vibroblade:
att: +12 (2d6 +3 per side)

Ultra Violent Electro Staff:
att: +12 (2d6 +2 per side)

Rapid strike (-2att for +1 weapon die)
Melee defense (-att = +def)

Dual Weapon Mastery I
Force Sensitivity
Force Training I
Melee Defense
Weapon Finesse
Weapon Proficiency: Advanced Melee, Light Saber, Simple Melee
Rapid Strike

Redirect Shot
Dual Weapon Flourish
Elusive Target

Force Powers:
Twin Strike (15=add base dam of other side; 25=1 force bonus to att roll; 30=2)
Surge: (10=speed+2, Jump+10; 15=4,20; 20=6,30)
Rebuke: (use the force contest: +5 or more, you redirect it)


Dun Siin, raised on his home planet of Dorin, met a strange fate the day he met his soon-to-be master.
Born with Irises of Silver (Tell tale sign of Force attunement for Kel Dor), Dun Siin was destined to be a part of the Baran Do Sages of Dorin. Raised away from his family, Dun began to learn the ways of the force. Not long into his training, however, he was met by Abir, who quickly realized young apprentice Dun Siin’s potential.
After a lengthy query with the sages, it was agreed that Dun was to go under his new master’s wing in order to learn the ways of the force, after having found that his strengths lay with the physical arts of the force, not typically heard of for his people.

Raised with the mindset of a Kel Dor: dealing swift and decisive judgment, and the training of a Jedi Knight, Dun Siin strives to restore balance to the galaxy, where darkness seemingly spreads like a plague… And his eyes are set on the empire as its source.

Dun Siin

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