Kelrae Vasar


Jedi Level 7
Jedi Knight Level 1

STR 14 DEX 15 CON 10 INT 10 WIS 12 CHA 10

FORT 20 REF 22 WILL 21

Initiative Mod: +6

Lightsaber: +12 attack ( +1 attacks of opportunity), 2d8 + 7 damage
Natural claws: +10 attack, 1d6 + 5 damage

HP: 65
current HP
Damage Threshold 20

Force Points: 2

Trained Skills:
Acrobatics +11
Perception +10
Use the Force +9

Acrobatic Strike, Weapon Proficiency – Lightsabers, Simple Weapons, Rapid Strike, Weapon Finesse,
Force Training, Force Sensitivity, Weapon Focus – Lightsaber, Skill Training: Acrobatics

Block, Deflect, Acrobatic Recovery, Weapon Specialization lightsaber, Sokan lightsaber form

Forces Powers:
Vital Transfer, Surge

utility belt, short-range comlink, All-weather cloak

Basic, Cathar

Current credits:


Kelrae Vasar was born on the planet Cathar, along with her litter-mates of one sister and two brothers. She developed a deep love for her home planet, and a strong desire to see it completely healed from the Mandalorian Wars. As a result of the attacks on her people and planet, she has a deep-seated dislike for the Mandalorians.

Kelrae’s force-sensitivity was discovered at a young age, and she grew up being schooled in the ways of the Force. Her father, who is also force-sensitive, played an integral part in her early training. She has a fierce loyalty to her Jedi Master and the Jedi Order in general. While Kelare does miss her home planet and family while she’s away on missions, she does enjoy exploring the galaxy and seeing new things.

Kelrae Vasar

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